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Other features include a skeletonised trigger, a full-length Mil-Std Picatinny top rail for mounting accessories such as optics and lasers, and a shorter bottom rail in front of the trigger guard for mounting a tranzacționare autogradă foregrip. The CPW weighs only 1.

Asigurați-vă că este în stare bună de funcționare și puneți salopetă, îndepărtați-vă părul sub beretă sau capac. Verificați-vă locul de muncă locul de muncă al unui lăcătuș este: locul de reparație, pe echipamentul agricol, la bancul de lucruacesta trebuie să fie luminat uniform fără străluciresă nu fie aglomerat cu obiecte străine.

Full-auto cyclic rate of fire is a relatively high to  rpm. The 40AGL is mounted in combination with the The 40AGL weighs 33 kg without mount or ammunition.

Există cvorum, comisia este competentă să ia decizii cu privire la punctele de pe ordinea de zi. Informații despre furnizor executant, contractant : Elaborăm un protocol pentru luarea în considerare a aplicațiilor Partea 13 a art.

Prototype weapons weighed around 14 kg and small quantities have been sold to a few countries, including Sweden, mostly for evaluation. St Kinetics is also collaborating with Australia's Metal Storm and Electro Optics System to develop a new high-speed and recoilless 40 mm grenade launcher called the Redback Lightweight. It can also be detached to operate as a stand-alone weapon.


The SAF used the 50MG in its infantry regiments and as a mounted weapon on armoured vehicles and naval craft. It has a quick-detachable barrel equipped with a carrying handle. The gun is operated using dual gas pistons, located in two gas tubes placed on either tranzacționare autogradă of the barrel.

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The barrel is locked by means of a rotary bolt with multiple radial lugs that engages the barrel extension, eliminating the need for headspace adjustments. A unique feature of the 50MG is its dual belt-feed system that allows for fast and easy switching of ammunition from standard ball to armor-piercing Saboted Light Armor Penetrator SLAP.

Such systems tranzacționare autogradă more commonly used in modern automatic cannons.

Mașini Salonul auto "Auto Magnum" din Varșovia: comentarii și fotografii Criza economică ne-a surprins practicîn fiecare secundă. Mulți au greu destule bani pentru haine bune și mâncare de calitate. Nu este nevoie să vorbiți despre un vehicul nou. Chiar și oamenii cu capacități financiare bune preferă astăzi să cumpere mașini cu kilometraj.

The semi-automatic Ammunition Transfer System and the patented Valve System in the breech mechanism provides an effective vent for the trapped air to let the bomb "free-fall" into the barrel.

This reduces the projectile's in-bore travel and reportedly allows the SRAM to achieve the highest continuous firing rate of up to 18 rounds per minute—3 times faster than a conventional mortar system which can fire up to 6 rounds per minute.

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The patented Blast Diffuser reduces the blast overpressure by about 8 to 10 decibels. The SRAM is also currently the only system in the world with a exemplu bitcoin de câștiguri of less than 20 tonnes, which allows the SRAM to be mounted on board a 4×4 wheeled vehicle.

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The SRAM has a navigation and positioning system, power gun drives and integrated with an automatic fire control system, which require just a 3-person crew to operate the weapon.

It fires projectiles to a maximum range of 42 km using special extended range ammunition that was field tested in New Zealand. Pegasus mm lightweight howitzer[ edit ] Main article: SLWH Pegasus The Pegasus is the tranzacționare autogradă first heli-portable  mm 39 calibre self-propelled light howitzer, capable of offering aerial mobility for shoot and scoot.

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The Pegasus' automatic ammunition loading system, advanced sight, lightweight material and innovative recoil management make the Pegasus highly survivable, fast to deploy and easy to use. Primus provides the range, firepower and accuracy of the artillery while keeping its weight below 30 tons and width below 3m.

Other self-propelled guns such as the U. M PaladinBritain's AS90 BraveheartJapan's Type 75 and Russia's 2S3M1 were either too heavy, at over 50 tons, or too wide, beyond 3m, for the tropical rainforest and swampy terrains.

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The chassis is based on the proven United Defense M  mm self-propelled howitzerwith a new power pack similar to the one fitted on the Bionix infantry fighting vehicle IFV. It is a medium-weight tracked vehicle, weighing between twenty-two to twenty-eight tonnes, to replace the aging MA2 tranzacționare autogradă personnel carriers.

The company is also manufacturing the firefighter and other civilian variants of the ATTC under its U. Multiple weapon platforms are supported, including both the remote and overhead weapons stations.

Salonul auto "Auto Magnum" din Varșovia: comentarii și fotografii

The Terrex's modular design allows for different level of armour protection and weapon systems. It is designed to be air-portable by Cs or equivalent cargo aircraft.

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The Terrex uses a patented independent double wishbone suspensionwhich greatly improves ground mobility and comfort during rides over rough terrains. The use of automatic traction control and the capacity for large footprint off-road tyres enables the Terrex to reach high speed on soft ground. The vehicle has a double hull with an external V-hull that improves mine blast survivability.

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Add-on armour provides further protection for troops. It is also capable of providing full chemical, biological and nuclear protection in extreme operational conditions.

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The baseline configuration is fully amphibious. Initially developed for export sales from the number of emerging wheeled armoured vehicle requirements including U. Inthe SAF decided to purchase units to replace their aging V armoured vehicles.

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The Indonesian Army also indicated plans to purchase units and to produce the Terrex under license locally. Intended to replace the Singapore Army's aging Ultra M armoured personnel carriersit was commissioned in It is the Singapore Army's first fully digitalised platform and is designed to provide armoured forces with enhanced capabilities to operate more effectively and efficiently in various phases of military operations. Other military and para-military products[ edit ] Munitions.