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    That's different from what happened in the lesson on adding file content to bitcoin hash sizewhere you only got one hash back. This is because ipfs breaks files into content blocks that are each about kb and then uses a hash tree to represent how they fit together.

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    Hence: Merkle DAG, or merkledag. The output from ipfs ls lists those sub-blocks and their size.

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    Sometimes sub-blocks have sub-blocks of their own. That's when a Merkle DAG starts looking like a tree. This diagram shows a Merkle DAG with three layers of sub-blocks. Step 3: Explore The Hash Tree The ipfs refs and ipfs object links commands are other ways to get the listing of sub-blocks in the tree.

    Step 4: Read the content back out of IPFS If you use ipfs cat to read the content back out of ipfs, it handles re-assembling the file from the hash tree.

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    For example, the following command will read our sample image out of ipfs and write the content into a new file called "copy-of-tree-in-cosmos. Run the command and then open the new file to confirm that the image is still intact. This is a more suitable command for scripting something to run on each child block of a given object.

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    Step 6: Read the Contents of a sub-block In some cases you want to retrieve sub-blocks from a tree. You can use ipfs cat to do that. You can test that with the sub-bocks from our image.

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