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Templul comercial


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    History[ edit ] Templul comercial temple's surrounding area and vicinity is a large commercial district that hosts an array of shops, restaurants, teahouses, as well as annual temple fair events.

    A paifang adjacent to the temple One of the altars of the temple Pavilions and teahouses in the Chenghuang Miao area The streets of Chenghuang Miao Regardless of size, many walled cities in ancient China contained a temple dedicated to one or more immortal or god as the spirit s or protector s of the city.

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    Residents of the old city as well as nearby areas visited the temple to pray for good fortune and peace. The temple reached its largest extent in the Daoguang era.

    The popularity of the temple also led to many businesses being set up in the area, turning the surrounding streets into a busy marketplace. During the Cultural Revolutionthe temple was closed down and used for other purposes.

    For many years, the main hall was used as a jewellery shop.

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    The institution made changes to the temple, removing statues representing folk underworld personalities such as Yamathe judge of the dead, and placing an emphasis on Taoist spirituality instead.

    Inthe temple was restored to its former use templul comercial a temple, with resident Taoist priests.

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    The Temple, together with nearby and the surrounding streets, are now part of a large pedestrian zone dedicated to restaurants and retail. A complete restoration of the City God Temple took place between and In October the place of worship was reopened and reconsecrated by Taoist clergymen. As a result, worshippers from the concessions were cut off from the temple. As a response, local merchants built a new temple and attached a market place near what is today Yan'an Road and Jinling Road, in the Shanghai International Settlement.

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    This was known as the "New City God Temple". The new temple and markets were demolished in However, the "New City God Temple" remains in use referring to the locality around the site of that temple.

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