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    Our paper work aims at a description of an availability of the wheat genetic resources within Europe and an evaluation of the particular agronomically significant parameters and the elementary qualitative parameters of the emmer ziraat bank option binary genetic resources within the Czech Republic. Data for the evaluation of a structure and availability of the wheat genetic resources were drawn from the European Wheat Database and evaluated.

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    Precise small-plot trials were established on the certified organic parcel of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and used between and Eight emmer wheat genetic resources and two bread wheat control varieties were involved in the trials. Selected agronomic and elementary qualitative parameters were studied.

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    The accessions were resistant to the common wheat diseases and competitive to weed plants. The mean yield rate achieved 2. A reduced resistance to lodging, just as a reduced spike productivity, were two most significant disadvantages of the wheat growing.

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    The protein proportion achieved almost 17 per cent. On the other hand, the emmer wheat proteins usually swell less than the protein of bread wheat low values of Zeleny test.

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    The emmer wheat is not, therefore, suitable for the traditional baking and processing but for other types of processing, i. As for the yield formation, a legally protected variety Rudico was considered as the most prospective of all the tested emmer wheat accessions. Key words: genetics resources, wheat, emmer, organic farming Nowadays, the world collections of plant genetic resources include approximately 7.

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    The collections of Triticum and Aegilops species involve approximately thousand samples Börner A. Wheat Triticum spp. The amount of species belonging to the Triticum L.

    All the Triticum species are divided into three different categories, according to the amount of chromosomes. The elementary category includes seven, fourteen or twenty one chromosomes Šrámková Z. Farmers respecting the principles of organic or low-input farming systems are searching for the varieties being characterised by a higher diversity level, which are able to adapt to the particular land and climatic conditions.

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    The wider the genetic base is, the more adaptable the variety is to unexpected environmental conditions Becker H. Emmer wheat [Triticum dicoccum Schrank Schuebl] is a hulled wheat species, which has been traditionally grown and ziraat bank option binary as a part of the human diet Marconi M.

    A domestication of emmer wheat started after a primitive farming activity had emerged Zaharieva M. As the varieties having firm spike cobs were extending Marconi M.

    It has extended to the 1 University of South Bohemia in Č. It has been grown together with barley Zaharieva M. The ancient Romans made mush, groats and bread of the emmer wheat Braun T. The genetic resources of ziraat bank option binary wheat [Triticum dicoccum Schrank Schuebl] and two bread wheat varieties Triticum aestivum L. Field Trials: The seeds were sown in a randomized, complete block design on the organic certified research area in České Budějovice during cum să faci bani și să crești The seeding rate was adjusted to the density of germinable grains per m 2.

    Our paper aims at: a a description of an availability of the wheat genetic resources within Europe; b an evaluation of agronomically important parameters and elementary qualitative parameters of the emmer wheat genetic resources within the Czech Republic.

    Tranzacţionarea automată, criptomonedele şi programatorii Aceasta analiză presupune citirea şi interpretarea graficelor pentru a găsi oporunităţi de investiţie, a identifica momentele de intrare, ieşire dintr-o investiţie în acţiuni, a identifica trenduri posibile. Pentru a efectua aceste analize investitorii au la dispoziţie diferite tipuri de grafice, cele mai utilizate fiind: graficul linie,graficul prin punct şi cifră, graficul prin bară, graficul lumânare, graficul de tip histogramă pentru volum şi graficul prin linii pentru poziţii nereglementate open interest. Graficul linie este cel mai simplu şi popular tip de grafic deoarece indică doar preţurile de închidere, care sunt considerate mai importante decât cele de deschidere. Acest grafic scapă însă multe detalii. Graficul prin punct şi cifră acesta consideră întreaga activitate de tranzacţionare ca un flux continuu, ignorând parametrul timp.

    Results of agrochemical soil analysis are in Table 2. After the harvest we measured the grain yield and calculated the protein yield per hectare.

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